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About conextop


Conextop Technology targets at providing the most efficient solution and products for M2M application. we went public as CONGER in 1998 in Germany. And start the development of M2M products.


With 10 years of experience, Conextop leads the industry in innovation and technical expertise. And with more than millions serial ports network-enabled worldwide, we are one of the most established manufacturers of device networking and data center management technology.


We have strong working relationships with many leading global manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators, and we look forward to working with you to bring powerful solutions to market throughout the next millennium.


our customers

  • Device network operators
  • Device manufacturers developing M2M or mobile consumer products
  • Enterprise, government, and non-profit organizations increasing efficiency and effectiveness through the application of wireless solutions to their organizational challenges
  • Consumers expanding their world with mobile broadband devices they carry with them to stay in touch with colleagues, clients, family, and friends
  • A new breed of wireless service providers who are changing the game by bundling wireless services into products like consumer devices, motor vehicles, and energy meters

our products


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