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■ The only complete, integrated solution in an RJ45 form factor
■ offer 1-3 serial ports and one 10/100M ethernet
■ RS-232/485/422 provides an easy connection to any serial device
■ Management and diagnostic utility for simple and efficient device monitoring and troubleshooting
■ Port buffering for data capture
■ Easy configuration through web and telnet interface
■ Tunable for low latency or optimized throughput
■ Support PoE
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The NePort™ is the most compact, integrated solution available to web-enable any device with an RS232,RS-422 or RS-485 serial interface. By simply adding NePort to a product design, device manufacturers cut their design cycle by as much as 80% and are able to offer Ethernet connectivity in record time.
The NePort-485 is configurable for either RS-422 4¬wire or RS-485 2-wire communication. It supports multi-drop RS-485 networks by providing a logic level serial interface designed to connect directly to an RS¬485 transceiver chip. In the RS-485 2- wire mode, one of the PIO pins supplies the necessary transmit enable signal.

Multi-threads operation system and protocols Support
• With multi-threads real time operation system embedded in a 32bits RISC
• ARP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, Telnet, TFTP, AutoIP, DHCP, HTTP, for network communications.
• TCP, UDP, and Telnet for connections to the serial port.
• TFTP for firmware updates.
• IP for addressing, routing, and data block handling over the network.
• User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for typical datagram applications in which devices interact with other devices without maintaining a point-to-point connection.
• SMTP: E-mail alerts
• DNS: Make your device communicate on internet without static IP
• PPP/PPPoE: Make your device connect to internet without router/gateway
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